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We have dedicated experts standing by and ready to help you in your time of need. From mobile detailing to mobile windshield repair, and even emergency roadside assistance, Quibbit is there for you!


Our vision at Quibbit is to help reduce wait times while providing safe and reliable mobile automotive services for the general public”

Quality Over Quantity

We focus on quality services over huge volume. Sustainability is our key

Eliminate Bad Providers

We do a full background check before adding a provider to our portfolio

Precise Engagement Result

Our primary goal is to provide best results with a faster turnaround time

Qualified Expert Staff

We connect you with only quality companies that have been authorized to be a Quibbit Service Provider.

We connect you with the latest in research and technology companies

We partner with professional service providers and only hire tech savvy companies to ensure the best user experience.

Quibbit is a first of its kind application which has the ability to reach users in closest proximity to a service provider and also offers flexible dates and times to choose from. Quibbit is overall perfection in vehicle maintenance. Download the App today!

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Our Expert Team

Meet our team of Co-Founders Iida Cisecki and Brandon Smith

Founder and CEO

Co-Founder and CTO

Quibbit in media

Quibbit has been featured in some top articles, media rooms and famous podcasts

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