How It Works

Geo-Enabled Marketing Application

Your Company Just Went Digital!

  • Vehicle Tracking – Track current location, time/distance to job.

  • Cashless Payment Gateway – Credit, Debit, Digital Wallets etc.

  • iOS/Android Solution – No expensive hardware required. 

  • Live Map View – Instantly open your route connection once a job is placed.

  • Direct Cash Deposit – Withdrawal direct to personal or business banking account.

  • Instant Notification – Capture jobs in real-time and connect directly with prospective clients anytime of the day.

  • Scalable – Want to add more providers? Link multiple accounts and get started today.

  • Safe – Geo-enabled safety support interface in the click of button

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What Others are Saying About Quibbit

“I’ve spent thousands on marketing campaigns that didn’t land any new clients. A commission-based platform makes marketing simple and budgeting easy.”

“…a marketing platform with integrated payment gateways and its GPS enabled? Why would anyone not use this service?”