Meet Our Team

The team is what makes Quibbit special. Each and every one of our team members brings something special onto the mix.

Iida Cisecki


Iida is a Finnish-Australian all rounder wanting to change the world.

She has been involved in startups and innovation for as long as she can remember from the investment side of things.

Her background is in Finance and Accounting as well as Project Management.

She is a founding member of Quibbit. She wants to bring automotive services to you so you can spend all your valuable time doing what you love.

She is a parent of two toddler girls and enjoys golf and rock climbing. She is a world traveler and has visited 54 countries.

Brandon Smith


Brandon is the COO of Quibbit and one of the co-founders.

His background is in risk assessments where he has founded successful companies before.

His passion in bringing Quibbit to the market is solution focus and reducing inefficiencies in the market.

He is a parent of two young kids. In his spare time he does snowboarding and martial arts.

David Vieira


David is a technical superstar and part of the founding team.

He has made anything from robotics to rockets.

He recently made the jump from working at big organizations to working with startups. He is passionate about creating something from the ground up.

He is a father of a teenage son. He enjoys cooking (especially smoking meat), he is the party animal of the team and also spends a lot of his free time in the mountains.