Pitch: Expand Your Customer Base by Signing Up with a New Calgary-Based Automotive Services App

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Whether you run a mobile auto detailing business or specialize in windshield replacement in the greater Calgary area, you are always searching for a smarter way to promote your business. Print ads in your local paper are definitely on their way out. Where are today’s customers looking when they need a flat tire fixed, a tow, or repair a cracked windshield?

In their smartphones.

A Quicker Way to Connect with Today’s Busy Automotive Services Customer

Wouldn’t it be awesome if potential clients could open an app on their phone and ask it to or connect them with roadside assistance that can respond right now? Just like they use Uber for rides around town or DoorDash when they have a craving for Mexican food, the app would connect them with you for fast and convenient service.

Quibbit is the new app that fills the bill for those customers and a growing network of local mobile automotive services, just like yours.

What is Quibbit?

Quibbit is a one-stop-shop for mobile automotive services that today’s driver needs in an easy-to-use app. Instead of searching a long list of businesses that may or may not be available to address an immediate need to fix a flat tire, detail their SUV, or repair a cracked windshield, users just click and connect.

Quibbit shows the user a selection of service options with immediate or future open appointments. Once they find the right service, the driver clicks through, and you have a new customer!

It’s simple and intuitive for the modern client that is accustomed to finding all sorts of services in their pocket.

Become Part of a Strong Calgary Auto Business Network

A huge benefit that comes with working with Quibbit is that you instantly become part of our extensive automotive services network. Your customer knows that when they open the app, they will have every automotive need satisfied. When they have a positive experience with their tire change through Quibbit, they will be eager to return for a tow or other minor repair. The reputation of the entire community benefits from one another’s expertise and excellence.

Free to Enrol and Invest in the Growth of Your Company

Finally, you risk nothing when you enroll your automotive business with Quibbit. There is no sign-up fee. Payment is generated when a customer clicks through the app for your service. Your small shop benefits from all Quibbit promotions and marketing materials.

There is no need to wait! Click on Quibbit and sign up to become part of the rapidly growing app for Calgary automotive services today.


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