Pitch: 5 Ways that Signing Up with Quibbit will Help Your Calgary Automotive Business Grow

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Quibbit is breaking new ground for the car and truck services industry! We are a new app that connects customers in search of an oil change, car repair, auto detailing, or roadside assistance with an available Calgary-based business immediately. As the owner of a growing automotive service company, how will we help you continue to succeed?

1. Reaching New Clients in Calgary that Need Your Auto Service Now

As soon as one of our customers opens the Quibbit app and enters their location and the type of service required, they are immediately connected to the nearest Service Provider available to support their needs.  You have the opportunity to grab jobs and connect with new clients every day. Better yet, for those clients who wish to schedule a service appointment our Service Providers can electronically schedule, book, and plan out future appointments all through the click of a button.

 2.  Keep Busier on Slow Days

During slow periods related to your mobile automotive business, Quibbit can help by giving you the opportunity to pick up a job. It’s easy to keep an eye on the notifications on your phone and click accept when you have some extra time on your hands. Whether you run a single truck or a fleet, Quibbit is able to improve productivity for your business.

3. Expand at Your Own Speed

Whether you accept one or ten Quibbit customers each day, it is entirely up to you. If you are too busy handling today’s business, there is no need to take on a pending Quibbit customer. However, when you bring on extra staff to accommodate the growing demand, we will be there to quickly connect you with new clients.

4. Operate a Successful Vehicle Services Business in the Digital World

When you sign up with Quibbit, you have taken a big step into operating in the modern world. Your visibility around Calgary will improve where your future customers are looking–on their smartphones! Stop wasting money on invisible print ads and put your marketing dollars where you have a better chance of connecting with actual customers.

5. No Cash Investment Needed to Participate

It only takes a few minutes to register as a qualified service provider on Quibbit. There is no registration fee. We get paid when a customer pays for their requested service, ensuring that our service providers never incur any “out of pocket” expenses.

Quibbit is a quick and easy addition to your automotive services company business platform. Simply sign up, keep an eye on your notifications, and continue to provide the best mobile auto services to your growing Calgary customer base.


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